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It’s an established fact that improving the communication skills of your employees will increase your business’s ability to succeed. At PTW we use improvisation as our main teaching model. Improvisation is about real people doing real things in real time. Often, people are pretty poor at listening. It’s not a skill that’s taught very often. Improvisation forces people to focus on what the other person is saying and doing, requiring everyone to be aware and present at every moment. Confident improvisers create something out of nothing. Given the importance of creating new ideas, relationships and products, business people can be more effective from the teachings of improvisation. Left brained strategic and analytic skills are important, but your business's success often hinges on your ability to connect with others. Unlike many forms of corporate learning, improvisation is fun, completely interactive and relevant to all levels of management. Piven Theatre Workshop offers custom educational workshops to improve your business’s communication, collaboration and innovation skills.

Example Workshops:



Participants: Razorfish Employees; team leaders and team members.

Focus:Improvisation and Innovation

Format: use of original stories, improvisation and theatre games, generic scenes, and Kurt Vonnegut's "Who am I this time?"

Skills and Concepts: Ensemble building, innovation and improvisation, comfort with ambiguity.

“It was amazing to experience the process of inventing and seeing the inventions grow. We start off with something simple, then something, harder, then something even more complicated. But it grows from looking and engaging. Not thinking and directing.”
“I want to bring this in for my team. I want to use this with clients.”
“I thought about how I interact with people. How I can read, respond and react to people in different ways to get an answer. I can make requests in ways that treats people authentically and not just uniformly.”


Participants: New members of the Sapient team

Focus:1. Interdisciplinary team dynamics. 2. Brainstorming and creative ideation. 3. Being comfortable with ambiguity and developing innovative, unique and original content.

Format: Two Hour Improvisation Workshop

Activities: Improvisation games which build teamwork skills, confidence in risk-taking abilities, non-verbal communication skills, connection to impulse, and being present in the moment.

“The term ‘no bad ideas’ is expressed a lot in our business but is not often put into practice – the best ideas sometimes stem from really laughable places and this class helped all to realize and support that idea.”
“Deepening the value of group contribution [and] shared risk. I don’t have to feel self-
conscious if everyone is equally participating.”


Workshop Title:: Building Community, Connection and Energy Through Improvisation

Objectives: Foster a collaborative spirit between participants, encourage participants to read, respond, and adapt through an improvisational framework, and create opportunities for all participants to work together

Format: 1.5 hour workshop

Activities: Group warm ups encouraging eye contact and the idea of "yes, and", building teamwork skills, and encouraging flexibility and spontaneity.


Participants: Administrators, District Leadership, Class room Instructors.

Focus: Creating Community & Collegiality through Productive Conversations & Creative Collaboration

Format: based on the book "Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High"

Activities: Improvisational team building exercises focused on language, conversation, conflict, and story.


Participants: 20 members of various marketing groups

Focus: 1. Fast and Fluid Thinking 2. Playing outside of the Box 3. Playing as a Team

Format: Introductory acting class

Activities: Improvisational skills applicable to team needs: listening, clarity, confidence, risk-taking, performing instinctively and spontaneously.


Participants: Directors of Development and Development

Staff Focus: Creative Thinking and Brainstorming Strategies

Format: Exploring strategies of creative risk taking using the principle of "Yes and..."

Activities: Fun stress releasing exercises to physically and mentally energize the group while focusing on budgets.