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Ivanov (2014)
By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Joyce Piven
Adapted by Sheldon Patinkin

May 31-June 29, 2014


Dan Smith
Aayisha Chanel-Humphrey
Ginat Tanner
Stephen Fedo
Bernard Beck*
Jay Reed
Marc Wilson
Kathleen Ruhl
Susan Payne O'Brien
Brent Barnes
Maya Friedler
Susan Applebaum
Heidi Katz
* member Actor's Equity Association
CREWAssistant Director:
Teresa Veramendi
Teresa Veramendi
Scenic Designer:
Jacob Watson
Master Carpenter:
Frank R. Sjodin
Lighting Designer:
Rachel Levy
Costume Designers:
Erica Hohn and Hanna Wisner
Sound Designer:
Christopher Dunn-Rankin
Properties Designer:
Chad Duda
Dialect Coach:
Adam Goldstein
Production Manager:
Chad Duda
Stage Manager:
Jessica Forella
Assistant Stage Manager
Matthew Nadler

"There are many moments of startling connection and mournful truth...Patinkin's carefully contemporized adaptation and Piven's loving attention to telling details breathe some lovely life into this challenging piece."- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

"Joyce Piven’s direction, too, is masterful—a deconstructed set and a casual approach to performance (some actors are on book, or seem to be) reminding us that these people could very well be ourselves. Every actor here—and there are many—finds the humor, light or hope which is always there to undermine the devastation of our hapless hero." - Suzanne Scanlon, Time Out Chicago