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Mamet Festival
Written by David Mamet
Directed by Byrne Piven
November 7, 1985 – December 29, 1985

Stories: Good People, A Father, The Darling
Produced in association with Yale Wexler Productions


Byrne Piven
Shira Piven
John Aldridge
Bernard Beck
Dick Cusack
Mary Ann Thebus

Stage Manager
Merrill Holtzman
Set / Lighting Design:
John Aldridge
Costume Design:
Tom Donaghy
Sound Design:
Robert Milburn

“Profoundly moving … many actors would kill to be able to deliver a simple line so eloquently” – Richard Christiansen,Chicago Tribune

“This is one of those occasions the word ‘delightful’ was invented for … Cusack and Piven are terrific” – Bury St. Edmund, Chicago Reader

“Byrne Piven and Dick Cusack, two endearing and remarkable pros, just engage your heart” – Glenna Syse, Chicago Sun-Times