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The Misadventures of Spark Spangle Farmer
Written by Tim Robbins & Adam Simon
Directed by Byrne Piven
December 28, 1986


Tim Hopper
Shira Piven
Jeremy Piven
Brian Brophy
Denise Johnson
Paul Quinn
Robert Bundy
Michael Byrne
Jeff Kahn
Steve Pink
Marcy McGuigan
Michele Gazzolo
Meg Fos

Set Design:
John Aldridge
Lighting Design:
Mary Guga /
John Aldridge
Costume Design:
Lisa Taylor
Mask Design:
Xander Berkeley
Music by:
Shira Piven


“A frantic fable for our times … a mixture of exuberance and defiance … raucous, free-swinging fun … the enormous energy of the show keeps it sailing triumphantly” – Chicago Tribune

“A dazzling young cast … an exuberant satire with a rock and roll heart … an original, entertaining, youthfully brash and often very moving piece of theatre” – Chicago Sun-Times

“Loaded with laughs, music and mayhem” – Lerner Newspapers