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Singer & His Demons
Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Directed by Byrne Piven

Original music composed & performed by Hans Wurman


Bernard Beck*
Larry Coven*
Lynn Franklin*
Joyce Piven*
Michael P. Byrne
Joyce O’Brien
Karen Bachner
Adam Bitterman
Anna Caldwell
Robin Chaplik
John Cusack
Wendy Kanter
Lauren Katz
Claudine Kielson
Jordan Roseman
Dean Rosner

* member Actor's
Equity Associa

Production Stage
Abby Farber
Set Design:
Lynn Hirsch
Costume Design:
Liz Passman
Lighting Design:
Dan Rowley
Sanna Longden Puppets by students at the Roycemore School


“SINGER & HIS DEMONS adds another chapter to Chicago’s rich story-theater history…Byrne Piven’s staging shows the skillful and confident hand of a theatre veteran…the pieces interlock in subtle ways, building a mood of apprehension and wonderment…an appropriate tribute to a gifted author.” – Lon Grahnke, Chicago Sun-Times

“Puckish creatures tell lies for the sheer joy of it, seduce women just to anger their husbands and generally perpetrate mayhem among the mortals. All of which lends itself vividly to the stage in this series of fully produced Singer stories that bring the pesky little devils to life.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune