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Something Is There
Directed by Byrne Piven

Stories: Artists at Home by William Faulkner, The Boarding House by James Joyce, The Princess by Anton Chekhov


Byrne Piven
Joyce Piven
Bernard Beck
Ann Mora
Aidan Quinn
Michael Byrne
Katie Moynagh
Joyce O’Brien

Set Design:
Lynn Hirsch
Costume Design:
Trina Ciuffo Bruce
Lighting Design:
Tom Hagglund
General Managers:
David Dillon, Nora Gaffin
Stage Manager:
Tom Hagglund
Set Builders:
Michael Byrne, Michael Ahern, Bruce Mistarz
Poster/Flyer Design:
Barbara Holbert
Production Assistant:
David Gethmann
Box Office Manager:
Maureen Egan
Carol Fox
Administrative Assistant:
Katie Moynagh

“The evening is, at worst, solid theatre craftsmanship. At best, it is enchantment. These five works have been acted and directed with more care for dramatic truth than one usually finds in a full-scale theatrical presentation. … Each of the Pivens has a grand star turn…the roles are perfectly picked for their distinctive gifts, giving Joyce full opportunity for her feathery touch and providing Byrne the chance to rumble richly with his velvet voice. The highlight of this lovely evening is Chekhov’s THE TRICK…this simple story is a pure, absolutely exquisite distillation of the sweetness and pain of first love.” – Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune