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Conceived & Directed by Byrne Piven
January 14 – February 20, 2000


Julian Bailey:
Jacob, Virtual Sex Partner,  Jesus

Bernard Beck*:
Abraham, Galileo, Moses

Maya Friedler:
Sarah, TV watching grandmother

Tom Herman:
Pianist, Embryo’s Father, Old Isaac, Thamus

Ryan Kitley:
Adam, Male God

Jeff McLane:
Snake, Esau, Ogaloosa

Amanda Philipson:
Embryo’s Mother, Virtual Sex Partner

Alan Potekin:
Young Isaac

Chavez Ravine:
“Transformations” Singer, Female God

Gita Tanner:
Eve, Rebecca

* member Actor's Equity Association


Production Manager:
Jennifer Sultz
Production Stage Manager:
Julie A. Newland
Technical Director:
Thomas Herman
Set Designer:
Danila Korogodsky
Sound Designer:
Jeff McLane
Lighting Designer:
Andrew Meyers
Costume Construction:
Darice Damata-Geiger & Troy Sheehan
Choreographic Assistance:
Sylvia Hernandez, Sanna Longdon, Zohara Schuster
Videography Consultant:
Willy Laszlo
Lorry Robin
Graphic Design:
Leah Oates / Jennifer Sultz
Composer “Rebecca’s Song”:
Shira Piven
Composer “Transformations”:
Stuart Katz
“Rebecca’s Song” & ”Transformations” lyrics:
Byrne Piven


“Youth and age are nicely served in Transformations 2000 …An attractive, appealing ensemble, always engaging and energetic … The stories are enacted with tenderness, technical skill and humor … The ease with which the cast flips from the verities of the past to the vanities of the present is a tribute to their absorption of the Pivens’ method.” - Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune